Magic mugs, also known as "color changing mugs", are increasingly popular and are gaining more and more fans. These mugs make a great gift to surprise and delight everyone with their magic, and they are also among the best selling items in stores.

Black magic mug with photo

How do magic mugs work?

These mugs are coated with a thermosensitive film that, upon receiving a change in temperature, becomes pigmented, forming the image that is stamped on the mug. In other words, they are temperature sensitive and have the sublimated image on the surface that is "invisible" (or almost invisible) while the mug is cold. By adding hot liquid, the image emerges in a surprising way, looking like a "magic trick" (hence the name "magic mug"!). When it cools down, the image becomes "invisible" again. 

Magic mug with heart shaped handle

The sublimation process of magic mugs is similar to that used in white ceramic mugs and consists of printing the image with sublimatic ink, which is transferred from the paper to the magic mug (usually black or dark in color) through the thermal press. The image printed on the magic mug is durable and wash-resistant, making it ideal for everyday use!

Some ideas of what to print on a magic mug:

  • mugs related to the world of Harry Potter, such as the magical "Marauder's Map" mugs
  • mugs with photos of loved ones
  • mugs with funny sayings
  • mugs with drawings of fire, flames, lights, spells, stars, planets, galaxies